Waterjet Cutting in Kersey & DuBois, PA

Flow Waterjet Shapecutting System

6' x 12' x 1' Capacity

Our FlowWaterjet™ Systems can cut virtually any shape in a single step with edge quality that generally requires no secondary finishing or expensive tooling. The Waterjet system is the most productive solution for cutting a wide range of materials from 1/16 inch to over 10 inches thick.

Using abrasive waterjet technology, we can cut complex shapes at very close tolerances using high pressure water up to 60,000 psi. Because the Waterjet cuts without heat, it leaves a clean edge without shearing, no loss of material, and does not alter the physical properties of the material being cut.

Whether you require high volume, short run, or prototype parts, Dinsmore Welding can machine parts to your exact specifications with extremely fast turnaround times; in some cases, same day service is available. Don't lose valuable time waiting for replacement parts for production equipment.

Advantages of Waterjet Shapecutting

      • Cuts a wide variety of materials ranging from styrofoam to steel; composites, carbon, fiber, titanium, plastic, rubber, cloth, stone, aluminum, glass, marble
      • Cuts complex shapes without loss of material
      • Extremely accurate
      • Edge quality eliminates costly secondary finishing
      • Setup is fast and cost-effective with our integrated CAD system
      • No heat: will not alter the physical characteristics of the material being cut