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Dinsmore Welding

Located in Kersey, PA, just outside of St.Marys, Dinsmore Welding & Fabricating has been serving industrial and commercial customers since 1984. Our 35,000 square foot fabrication facility is complete with overhead cranes and lifts to handle even the largest jobs. And we can come onsite to your facility to custom-build to your specifications. We are committed to providing the highest-quality work, on-time, every time to your complete satisfaction. Call us today or click here to request more information.

Large Capacity Machinery

Our large capacity machinery allows Dinsmore Welding and Fabrication to deliver our customers quality and performance with each and every one of our finished products. Call us or visit the shop today and see what we can do for you!

Water Jet Cutting

Flow Waterjet Shapecutting System

Our Flow Waterjet™ Systems can cut virtually any shape in a single step with edge quality that generally requires no secondary finishing or expensive tooling. Using waterjet technology, we can cut complex shapes at very close tolerances using high pressure water up to 60,000 psi.


Dinsmore Welding is now offering Line Boring and Machining or In Shop Service! Reduce your Heavy Equipment downtime with this quick and easy solution. Call us today for a quote or any questions

Line-X Products

BedLiners and Industrial Applications

Not only are we a top of the line welding and steel fabrication facility – we are also an authorized dealer for the Line-X Spray-on Bed Liner. The Line-X Spray-on Bed Liner is a professionally sprayed-on coating that dries within 3-5 seconds and is available in a wide variety of colors. Call today to set up a scheduled appointment and we guarantee you will be in and out with a finished product in about two hours!

Line-X is also known for their commercial, industrial, agricultural and custom applications. From coating storage tanks and walkways to commercial and industrial vehicles, Line-X has proven to be a cost-effective, ready-to-use solution for businesses of all types.