LINE-X™ Industrial Coatings

LINE-X™ Industrial Coatings

- Authorized Dealer

In addition to being an authorized dealer for LINE-X bedliners, we carry all LINE-X industrial coatings as well!

From coating storage tanks and walkways to commercial and industrial vehicles, LINE-X has been proven in commercial, industrial, agricultural and custom applications. LINE-X is a cost-effective, ready-to-use solution for businesses of all types.

LINE-X is ready for use in less than 24 hours and can be handled or walked on in about 30 seconds. With only one application needed there will be little down time, putting you and your business back up and running in no time!

Technical Data

      • Professionally sprayed-on polyurethane- polyurea elastomer.
      • A flexible and tenacious bond to metal, fiberglass and wood surfaces, just to name a few.
      • Remains flexible from -40 to 160 degrees Celsius
      • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
      • Coating thickness from 30 mil to 2,000 mil including walls and overhead surfaces
      • The seamless membrane can be walked on or handled within 30 seconds of application
      • 105% up to 700%
        + stretching without adhesion loss.

Environmentally Compliant

          • NO solvents, NO V.O.Cs
          • Meets all EPA Emission Levels for V.O.Cs
          • Fire retardant*
          • USDA approved for secondary and incidental food contact*
    *Potable water approved*

    Physical Properties

        • Dries to the touch in 10 seconds
        • Full, unrestricted use in 24 hours or less
        • Tensile strength at 24 degrees Celsius from 1,500 to 6,600 psi
        • Shore hardness from A to D 75*
        • A spray-on monolithic-elastomeric

    **We have a variety of LINE-X products that deliver performance in this range. Contact us for technical data specific to your application


    Applications: walls, second-story decks, leak stoppage, shower pans, mud rooms, floors.

    Manufacturing Plants

    Applications: pumps, hoppers, loaders, noise abatement, corrosion, protection, tanks, walkways, mixers, misc. equipment.

    Food Processing/ Factories

    Applications: walk-in freezer and refrigerators, floors, walls, work tables, walk-ins.

    Mining - Forestry

    Applications: hoppers, loaders, dump trucks, pipelines, machinery, steel beams

    Secondary Containment

    Applications: tanks, spill protection, tank farms, drum storage, compressor units

    Agriculture - Dairy - Farming

    Applications: cattle feeders, silos, mobile buildings, roofs, fertilizer handling equipment, stock trailers

    Rail Industry

    Applications: boxcar floors, walls and roofs, containers, tankers, walkways, tanks

    Tanker Trucks - Transportation

    Applications: bulkheads, decks (walkways), containers, steel beams, pylons.